Pure Natural Olive Oil Soap


Gentle & Safe!

This gentle soap is a favorite for anyone with allergies or skin sensitivities. This soap is made entirely of saponified olive oil and sea salt. Olive Oil, a natural humectant, nourishes and moisturizes the skin while allowing it to breathe. This mild unscented soap is soothing and produces a slippery, creamy lather that keeps your skin soft and supple. Although this bar is smaller in stature and weight than our other soaps, it’s a hardened bar by it’s very nature and will last a long time.  So gentle it can be used for bathing babies, as a facial soap, or for anyone with extremely delicate or sensitive skin.  Our cold processed Castille soap is made purely from saponified olive oil and is cured for a minimum of six months before use.

Ingredients include saponified Olive Oil & Sea Salt

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 1 in


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